Busy Bees

Mexico’s certainly flavour of the month at the moment, with my recent blog post about Chichen Itza and two very good friends who were recently married having just returned from their honeymoon on the Riviera Cancun, staying at the hotel where we were also fortunate enough to stay during our visit to the country in January.

As you might expect, their honeymoon photos prompted me to go back and reminisce over the images I captured during our own visit and two in particular caught my eye, from our trip to Coba.

Coba is an ancient Mayan site in the province of Qunitana Roo, and is a hub for a number of the walled Mayan white roads, or sacbe, that head off into the jungle surrounding the city and form a network connecting the site to other Mayan cities in the region.

Although it’s not been excavated to the same extent as Chichen Itza and it’s buildings haven’t been reconstructed in the same way, it is still a very impressive site with the 42-metre tall “Nohoch Mul” pyramid at the centre of the site towering over the canopy of the surrounding jungle.

The photographs that caught my eye, though, were of something rather smaller:

DSC_0037 - Version 2

We came across this tiny bees nest, only about three inches long, suspended from the underside of a branch in a clearing and the rather blurry “end-on” view, below, shows what I’m assuming are guard bees guarding the entrance.


A brief search for information on how to identify the species seems to indicate they’re sweat bees, members of the family halictidae, but if you know better please let me know.



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